Why Title Insurance

Why do I need Title Insurance if I am purchasing a newly constructed home?

Your home may be brand new, but the land upon which it was built has a long history. Most likely there have been several prior owners and transfers of title, all of which could affect the title. 

When you purchase title insurance from Eastern National Title, we will complete a thorough search of public records to safeguard against issues including defects in the chain of title such as fraudulent or missing deeds, errors in public records, missing heirs and boundary line disputes. All of these can affect your ownership if not detected and handled properly prior to closing.

If you are financing your purchase with a mortgage, your lender will insist on Title Insurance to protect their investment. The lender’s Title Insurance Policy only protects the lender and not you. Since the Owner’s Policy is valid as long as you own your home, the one-time premium you pay at closing for peace of mind is well worth it!