Wire Fraud

What is Wire Fraud?

Cyber criminals target real estate transaction participants like you in order to steal funds that are being transferred during the home closing process. These individuals hack emails, impersonate title companies and your real estate agent in an effort to trick you into sending funds to fraudulent bank accounts that they control. In 2021 alone, cyber criminals stole over $350 million from 13,638 real estate fraud victims.

What are we doing to help prevent Wire Fraud?

In our ongoing effort to protect funds from fraudulent activity Eastern National Title Agency has partnered with Closinglock, the leading provider of wire fraud prevention software for the real estate industry, to securely send wiring instructions and other important information to you.

We will not send wire transfer information through any other source.

How does Closinglock work?

You will receive a text/email notification that wire instructions are available

Use any device to securely log into Closinglock’s portal

Download verified wire instructions from Closinglock

Before you wire your closing funds, you should:

Call your Closer or Escrow Officer at Eastern National Title to verbally verify the wiring instructions. Call them using a number that you have reached them at before.

Call to confirm that your wire has been received shortly after sending it.

Be suspect of any change in wiring instructions. Eastern National Title will only send wiring instructions through Closinglock.